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In my recent drawings on photographs I explore the tension between the ephemeral, transitory effects of moving clouds and the grounded, physical marks. The photographs are glimpses of the constantly changing effects of light in space, the very essence of ephemera, while the physical qualities of the materials interact with the insubstantial objects. The elusive subject suggests process and change, the transition from one set of conditions to another. I am strongly influenced by Constable’s cloud studies and the way they read simultaneously as careful, observational studies and as dabs of paint on a surface. He created a physical equivalent for the shifting visual experience that I find breathtaking.

Throughout the day I am always aware of subtle changes in light, color and movement in the sky, even when indoors. I take hundreds of photographs of the sky and crop individual images to determine the compositions. In cropping, the obvious views of the sky become abstract compositions of color, tone and shape. After printing, I superimpose drawings made from direct observation of natural forms to introduce structure, tactile elements and to juxtapose unrelated images in ways that seem true.